Bodrum, the Turkish coast and its riches beneath the sea


A Scuba diver in Bodrum

Visit Bodrum Castle with its Museum of Marine Archaeology, cruising on M/S ‘Odysseus’

Some years ago when George Bass, the famous marine archaeologist was excavating with his team the underwater site of the oldest shipwreck ever found (at Olu Burun on the Turkish coast) he came to visit the site and chose to travel down the coast on our gulet M/S Odysseus.

Apart from the pleasure of his company and listening to him at first hand we were privileged to go on board his very small dive boat and to go ashore to see the many artifacts which were being lifted from the sea bottom at great depth. As is now well known they were of great interest and very old. All the contents can be seen well presented in Bodrum Castle. It is truly remarkable that so much valued material could have survived over 3300 years under the sea, as I said, from the oldest shipwreck ever found.

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In praise of an October gulet cruise on the Turkish coast

The Bay of Marmaris

The Bay of Marmaris

In the autumn of 2009, I escorted a group of friends and paying guests on M/S ‘Odysseus’, cruising from the Bay of Marmaris to Bodrum. The weather was comfortably warm and the sea was calm and as delightful as ever. We swam twice a day and relaxed, sunbathed and dined in the open on the rear and front decks every day.

Turkey has one of the most spectacular ‘dark night’ skies as there is no pollution on the coast and the sparkling tapestry of stars was amazing. The clarity of the atmosphere in October meant that you could see along the beautiful coast for ever…

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Where are those cliffs I have heard about with temples carved into the face of the rock, and how do you get there?

Temple tombs at Dalyan

Dalyan River – the six rock cut temple-tombs carved into the mountainside – 186 tombs in all

Those cliffs, as you call them, are the precipitous side of a mountain in the Dalyan River valley that can best be reached from a gulet cruise on our luxurious M/S ‘Odysseus’.

It is necessary to take a riverboat to get up close because there is a sand bar at the mouth of the Dalyan River and the water is very shallow.

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What is so special about Cnidus and where is it?

CnidusWell, it is an archaeological site, one of the most famous, of a great classical city that existed for over 1000 years (about 360 BC to 650 AD or so).

It was well-known for many things and people, but was most noted for the naked statue of Aphrodite in a round temple by a famous ancient Greek sculptor called Praxiteles.

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The ancient theatres of the Turkish Riviera

The Roman theatre at Aspendus, the best preserved theatre in the Roman Empire

The Roman theatre at Aspendus, the best preserved theatre in the Roman Empire

The cities of the Athenian Empire, and later the independent walled harbour cities of the Hellenistic period and Roman period, all had theatres. Many of them remain and we visit them on the coast, with M/S ‘Odysseus’ landing nearby. Many are near the sea as the Greek plays, comedies and tragedies are often performed against the background of the real world…
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See the great Loryma Fortress overlooking the 13 mile wide Rhodian Straits


Heavy artillery catapault of the type probably mounted by Demetrius on his mighty siege engines used in his attack on Rhodes, which is thought to have been launched from Loryma Sound.

Loryma Sound is a large inlet of water between two steep hills, with mountains at the end.

A magnificent natural harbour in a beautiful setting, it can only be reached by a gulet cruise as there are no access roads, and is hard to sail into because of the angle of the prevailing wind.

Consequently it was easy to defend, and was much used in ancient times by merchant ships and triremes, and probably by Alexander, Caesar, Pompey and Cassius (one of the assassins of Julius Caesar) who attacked Rhodes.
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Explore Turkey by land and sea


Part of an extensive set of Mosaics at Zeugma

Odysseus Cruising, for 23 years the most experienced specialist in luxury gulet holidays on the Turkish Riviera, unrivalled in knowledge and for happy holidays. See for information.

Because we believe that holidays in Turkey by land and sea offer such superb experiences we’d like you to suggest that you take a look at the website of our partner, Peten Travels, the Istanbul expert, and equally a specialist in an extensive range of inland cultural tours with experts which are deeply researched and excellently organised.

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The ancient city of Caunus on the Dalyan River. Who built it and why?


Caunus – old harbour with opening to the sea. Agora with temple in foreground

Caunus is one of the favourite ancient sites which we visit on our luxury gulet cruises in Southern Turkey. It is very impressively sited with its acropolis (high city) on top of a large and prominent rock.

It can only easily be reached by cruising in a riverboat up the shallow Dalyan River from a gulet such as ours which waits near the mouth of the river.

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