Grand Tour, anyone? How to achieve a classical education on our gulet cruise holidays

Marble bust of Julius Caesar c.50 AD

In the past, the wealthy Englishman went on the ‘Grand Tour’ to Europe, including Italy, involving a long hard journey, much inconvenience and a great deal of money and expenditure of time – perhaps a year or so, but he could return an educated man.

Now we can compress into a week or two the sites of ancient Greece (Alexander and Sarpedon), and the achievements of mighty Rome (Caesar, Pompey, Mark Anthony, Vespasian and Hadrian) and of the peaceful Early Christian Church (St. Paul and St. Nicholas).

You can stand where these figures stood on a selection of thirty great sites, follow their footsteps and experience the same beauty of the rising and setting sun; the ‘rosy fingered dawn’ and star-spangled nights on our peaceful and comfortable gulet.

Even Cleopatra enjoyed no more, except perhaps on her private beach (transported by galleys full of the golden sand of Egypt and laid on the shore of Cedreae on the orders of an attentive Mark Antony) which we can, at least, show you before we sail to the most beautiful, the most wealthy for its size, and in its time, of all the Greek Islands – Simi or Symi.

Your education can be topped up and rounded out by dipping into our extensive number of Penguin Classics and the Loeb Classical Library, including Homer, Plato, Aristotle, Euripides, Caesar, Plutarch, Cicero, Lucian and St. Paul.

Thanks to our first class service you will return rested as well as wiser from a holiday on M/S ‘Odysseus’.

Posted by Dargan Bullivant, Partner, Odysseus Cruising, 20 April 2009