The splendid Odysseus breakfast

Breakfast on MS Odysseus
The sea is calm, flat even, and the sun is up. You are drying off after an invigorating swim in the sapphire water around the boat.

Only a few people are up and the steward Ali is making coffee. The gorgeous smell wafts up to the rear deck where we dine every day.

Cups are clinking as the table is laid with a great variety of enticing food for breakfast.

Ali and Tugay, the stewards, are now standing by to serve you coffee, tea and freshly squeezed orange juice…
The large table is now completely covered with dishes and baskets of nice smelling fresh bread. Such a choice! Fruit nicely cut up, sweet melon, strawberries, morello cherries, then cucumber, gherkins, yoghurt and honey, sliced liver sausage and several types of cheese.

Later Ali goes round respectively offering eggs that the chef is cooking: scrambled, fried, poached or specially made in Turkish style as Menemen, a local speciality and the Captain’s favourite, which is a mixture of scrambled eggs, onion, olives, tomato and spices. Then more coffee, ground, Turkish or Nescafe, whichever you prefer, and lastly if you are not full, pancake and honey, and warm, crispy toast with delicious full fruit jams.

Now I seek out my book in my cabin and discover my bed has been made and my toiletries have all been tidied up. He is tidy and quiet, that young man! Can’t be more than 19 but those muscles! Must be his quick work with the dinghy boat when we go ashore. I reckon Tugay, the young steward, will be a Captain one day. The crew on ‘MS Odysseus’ are so well-mannered and courteous.

Posted by Dargan Bullivant, Partner, Odysseus Cruising, 2 April 2010