Xanthus – The Capital City of ancient Lycia

Odysseus Cruising – visiting notes

Recommended Excursion on all Lycian Itineraries. 45 mins north of Patara.

How to get there

Minibus from the quayside at Kalkan.  Take in Patara on the way. ¾ hr from Patara.  The area to visit at Xanthus is not as large as Patara.

Time required

It needs 1 ½ hr plus time for refreshments before returning to Kalkan, usually by late afternoon


Drinks area available at the hut on arrival.

Main things to see

1. The Roman theatre and the famous columned tombs

2. The column with inscriptions in several languages, including the Lycian language (not yet deciphered )

3. View over the river from the high point the west side

4. The large 40ft wide paved street, recently uncovered  (not on map due to this)

5. The fine Early Christian Basilica with excellent  mosaics to the east of the site; one of the finest on the whole coast.  Seat of a bishop, probably built in the 4th and the 5th century. AD.

There is much more but it needs a great deal of time.

Some History

Sir Charles Fellows, pioneer archaeologist (1799-1860) Discoverer of Xanthus 1838 – 40