A good read for a gulet holiday: ‘Turkish Coast through writers’ eyes’

Ref: ‘Turkish Coast’, edited by Rupert Scott, Eland Publishing Ltd., London 2008.
ISBN 978 1 906011 09 3

A holiday on our gulet ‘MS Odysseus’ is very relaxing with plenty of time for doing just what you like.  Your crew of four sail/cruise from place to place without rushing.  After leisurely meals, and time spent swimming, snorkelling or kayaking, you will find ample opportunity for conversation and reading.

I recommend the new compilation: ‘Turkish Coast’, edited by Rupert Scott, published by Eland Publishing Ltd in 2008.  It is excellent and has extracts from many well known books about the coast by famous authors past and present such as Lord Byron, Captain Beaufort, George Bean, Patrick Kinross, Freya Stark, Brian Sewell, John Freely, Jeremy Seal and a sprinkling of the ancients such as Homer, Pliny and Lucian.

The chapters cover extracts grouped under headings such as: The Sea, Turkish Pleasures, Turtles and Lilies, 19th Century Travellers, 20th Century Travellers, Ottoman Episodes, Expeditions, Archaeologists and Discoveries. Perfect for gulet cruise holidays.