Start your gulet cruise at Bodrum, capital resort of the Aegean


Bodrum is indeed the ‘capital of the Turkish riviera coast’, although its rival Marmaris might disagree about that. It was a key location for centuries but the building of the airport settled the argument.

Many people now start their gulet cruise at Bodrum (‘The Blue Cruise’) as it has excellent shopping, sightseeing and restaurants.

The shops are an intriguing mixture of older Turkish shops with jewellery, carpets and traditional antiques and very fashionable branded product shops along the busy quayside where flowers and boxes of freshly caught fish vie for your attention.

Our optional excursions from M/S ‘Odysseus’ can take in all these experiences along with ancient sites such as:

  • The Myndus Gate: a magnificent defensive structure which inflicted a heavy defeat on Alexander.
  • A genuine Greek theatre recently restored and still in use.
  • The museum of one of the ‘Seven Wonders of the World’ (4th century BC), the famous Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, the ancient name of Bodrum.
  • The crusader castle of St. Peter (15th century AD) with its incomparable museum of marine archaeology and fascinating display of the oldest shipwreck ever found (14th century BC).

Bodrum is a real magnet which only the powerful attraction of a gulet cruise holiday along the coast can beat.

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