What is so special about Cnidus and where is it?

CnidusWell, it is an archaeological site, one of the most famous, of a great classical city that existed for over 1000 years (about 360 BC to 650 AD or so).

It was well-known for many things and people, but was most noted for the naked statue of Aphrodite in a round temple by a famous ancient Greek sculptor called Praxiteles.

The ancient city was constructed from scratch by joining a rocky island to the mainland by a man-made land bridge, thus cleverly forming two harbours, one commercial and one for Triremes (warships).

It existed in ancient Greek Hellenistic times (4th century BC) when Alexander passed through, expanded in Roman times and survived earthquakes and plagues into the Byzantine (Early Christian) period.

You can see a fine theatre overlooking the harbour, a Roman market square and several ruined temples and churches. It was never built over or added to after its final demise and now has great atmosphere. There are few visitors, because it can only be reached easily from the sea after 3 hours sailing from Bodrum.

Posted by Dargan Bullivant. Partner, Odysseus Cruising