Why we sail from Gocek

Göcek is an attractive, recently built small town on the edge of the large and beautiful Gulf of Fethiye. Now a road tunnel to the town has been built it is only 20 minutes by minibus or taxi from Dalaman Airport. Added to the fact that a large number of flights, both scheduled and charter, land here, this makes it very convenient for families joining ‘Odysseus’.

Göcek is a good town for pedestrians, which has many small shops, restaurants and hotels as well as the luxurious Swissotel (00 90 252 645 2760). The delightful mature planting along its quayside creates a lovely garden setting for the restaurants there.

The Gulf of Fethiye is, without a doubt, the most beautiful area on the whole coast, excellent for sailing and exploring. It is surrounded by great limestone mountains including ‘Father Mountain’ or Baba Dag, which appears like a huge guardian at the edge of the Mediterranean. Nearer the rugged shore many quiet creeks fringed with pale green pine trees grow thickly on the red hills of weathered volcanic soil. Being chemically acidic, the pine trees love growing here which they do not on alkaline limestone.

Göcek is a perfect place to start a relaxing or an adventurous holiday along the coasts of Lycia or Caria. You turn either eastwards or westwards as you exit the Gulf. See our detailed itinerary and route map in the itineraries section of the  Odysseus Cruising website.